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Emergency Phone Blitz for medically kidnapped Tania McCash.

Courtroom Watch

Emergency phone blitz for medically kidnapped Tania McCash.
West coast witches court strikes again ! Emergency phone blitz for Tania McCash, a single mom battling an Rich A-hole ex and losing in a corrupt court . She is extremely effective at challenging and exposing the criminal actions of Santa Clara County California courts . She is being held in a prison called Elmwood, they are attempting to force-medicate her, DO NOT LET THEM ! 408-957-5300 Since Tania is no criminal, the only way the court can eliminate her is through the mental health system . Her paper says ‘sanity issues’ . This unspecific and fraudulent label is NOT cause to strip a woman of her children and her life by locking her in a cage . Corrections director Carl Neusel408-808-3640 is packing the private prisons with innocent flesh, for profit . 


This is the official Twitter…

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