Studio 1776 is the World’s Leading commercial-free freedom news online and radio network.

We’re supported by the enthusiastic contributions of our listeners, and our goal is to continue distributing our premium content for free.

Our knowledgeable hosts elucidate an array of close-to-home topics such as current events, health, government, law, faith, and family.

It is our hope that, through the Studio 1776 experience, you will experience growth in your body, your soul, and your spirit.

The corporate media extends spare little welcome to our ideas, making Studio 1776 a refreshing outlet for great minds and a key resource for the future of the American People.

Let’s restore the Republic and the spirit of 1776–together!

To that end, let’s talk, and please jump into the conversation by commenting, sharing and liking us on your favorite social networks.


One thought on “About”

  1. I think this an awesome site. I am looking forward to people expanding their knowledge of Islam. Nearly 90%+ of my interactions with social media users are Islamophobic. Sad. I am led to believe that liberty loving people are respectful. I am finding that there are a lot of Hippocrates in the so called “libertarian” circle.

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