REFUGE UNDER SIEGE!!! LIVE! Day before Franklin Graham to arrive for surrender of occupiers

The FBI has Live siege in Oregon right this second:surrounded the last 4 Occupiers of the wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon and a getting ready to invade this protest before the Rev. Franklin Graham and advocate Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore can arrive for a peaceful surrender.

Jeff Hays We’re covering this right now, live FBI siege in Oregon at the Malheur Refuge:

The four occupants of a wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon are showing signs that they are ready to leave in the latest interview with them by livestream by Pete Santilli’s Spitfire Sentinel The Internet radio host who was among the eleven arrested so far in the standoff who hasn’t been released from custody.

The Rev. Franklin Graham has spoken with the remaining armed occupiers of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon.

The Oregonian reports ( ) that a spokesman for Graham confirmed that he communicated by phone with the four occupiers and federal officials.

Todd Shearer told the newspaper that Graham had no comment beyond that statement.

The last four occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge had asked Graham to help them negotiate their departure. They have said they want assurances they won’t be arrested.

The last holdouts gave an interview Monday with an Internet radio show.

One of them, David Fry, said they were waiting for people to come and support them.

Fry repeated the occupiers’ concerns that if they left they would be arrested.

The standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon began Jan. 2 as a protest over federal land policy.


Rach’el Warman Arrested a few

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Daniel Joseph Leach Jr.

Daniel Joseph Leach Jr. Only 4 were left

Rach'el Warman

Rach’el Warman Be on spitfire and sentinel

Rach'el Warman

Rach’el Warman On my wall don’t know how to put links on ere in comments

Rach'el Warman

Rach’el Warman Jeff Hays links please!!

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Daniel Joseph Leach Jr.

Daniel Joseph Leach Jr. Im listening now

Rach'el Warman

Rach’el Warman Ace!!! I gotta go to sleep it’s 250am here so I listen in morning!!! If ever you want to listen to coverage of this check outJeff Hays wall and spitfire and sentinel page!! Didn’t you have 15 mins chat with Pete santille yesterday whilst he was in custody Jeff on your talk show?? I need to check it out!!

Daniel Joseph Leach Jr.

Daniel Joseph Leach Jr. Well if you can get them on my show Id talk to them no problem

Rach'el Warman

Rach’el Warman Samartian sentinel page too. I’m sure he will see these comments and reply.

Daniel Joseph Leach Jr.

Daniel Joseph Leach Jr. Rach’el Warman Well tell Pete Santille that we would be happy to have him as a guest on Studio

Open the floodgates of truth!
Jeff Hays

Jeff Hays · Friends with Nathan Hopkins and 73 others

Rach’el Warman We’re on our show right now live streaming this!!
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Rach'el Warman

Rach’el Warman I know yes I check out in morning I really do have to go to sleep. It’s 10ish where your at and 3ish am where I am. I always have to catch your shows in the morning! I go to log off here and another notification pops up lol

Jeff Hays

Jeff Hays There will be big news to wake up to my friend Rach’el. Very troubling….. cry emoticon

Daniel Joseph Leach Jr.

Daniel Joseph Leach Jr. Iv been listening live thanks Jeff Hays you guys are doing a great job!

Rach'el Warman
Rach’el Warman I can believe it just as well I get up few hours before my daughter so I can catch up with no interference. God bless you all night!!!

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