Cracking the IRS Code

Hi Daniel,
Erich Hughes Jones told me I should email you this video to post at It is 1 minute 55 seconds long, and there are
hundreds of others similar along the same lines by other readers of the
book who are part of tens of thousands of law-abiding, informed
Americans who have received 100% IRS tax returns, recovering, according
to IRS attornies, over $2 billion in overpaid, un-owed taxes.

best regards,

Brian Harriss

p.s. I just sent the following request for phone blitz to per Eric’s instructions:

Thank you for welcoming my request to distribute this message to any
who might be willing to make a couple of phone calls and save an
innocent woman from any further injustice and continued rape by the
corrupt judicial system.  My broadcast request is below.

Beginning of request:

Every liberty-loving American who cherishes the hard-won liberties, especially that of freedom of thought, conscience, and speech will be tremendously impacted by the precedent set by the following court case. Doreen Hendrickson has been in prison for one year for “contempt of court” charges, because she was unable to commit court-ordered perjury. She was ordered to sign a document that she knew contained false information, which contradicted her previous, freely-given testimony.  She was further ordered to conceal the fact that the false testimony sought was coerced.  Both juries in the lower court were instructed “it is not a defense to the crime of contempt that the court order the defendant is accused of violating is unlawful or unconstitutional”.  The Sixth Circuit Federal Appeals court recently upheld her conviction by refusing to consider that the lower court’s order was unlawful.  Fortunately, the Michigan Attorney General’s office is considering investigating and indicting the corrupt federal judges and attorneys behind the treasonous crimes.  Please read this WND article, for details, and then call the Michigan State Attorney General’s office at 313-456-0240.  Ask to speak with the Executive Division, and then ask to speak to Carter Bundy.  Please express your urgent concern to have the crimes against Doreen investigated.  These criminal federal actors need to be brought to justice.  The office of US Congressman Don Young (Alaska) gave notice in 2015 that the federal judges involved in this scandal, Victoria Roberts and Nancy Edmunds had already been under congressional investigation for allegations of judicial misconduct.

The IRS is behind this desperate attempt to violate Doreen Hendrickson’s free speech because her correct lawful tax return, like tens of thousands of others that have resulted in 100% IRS Tax refunds, forced them to return all of her money withheld.  They can’t keep your money if you do your tax returns like she did.  Thank you very much.  This charade is an effort to intimidate a fine law-abiding woman into recanting on her lawfully filed tax return and is part of a 12-year effort to scare people from reading her husband’s book.

End of request.


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