Benjamin Fulford 9-6-16… “Khazarian mafia bosses offer to return Tsarist gold to Russia in exchange for shelter”

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benjamin_fulford_in_canoe_107New weekly report from Ben. One word describes my feeling about this one… “Wow!”

“Reliable Russian and CIA contacts both told the White Dragon Society that the top bosses of the Khazarian mafia are seeking to trade shelter in Russia for gold. This is just the latest in a whole slew of signs Khazarian mafia rule of the planet earth is crumbling.

“Another… has been the degrading treatment given to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporate spokesperson Barack Obama in Asia and elsewhere… This was in sharp contrast to the super VIP treatment given to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau… Trudeau was treated like a superstar in China during a one week visit that resulted in Canada publicly dumping its support of the US corporate government by announcing its intention to join the China led AIIB.

“Japan is now expected to follow suit, leaving the US corporate government isolated on the…

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