Emergency phone Blitz for single parent Bobby Lindsay!

Emergency phone blitz for Bob Lindsay ! He was granted a disability settlement after waiting 5 years . The witches court appointed catholic family center as ‘payee’ so Bob must go to the vicar general’s office every time he wants to access HIS OWN MONEY ! Even though Bob has nothing to do with their organization ! Please ask why they are using the courts to steal settlements from disabled people ! Archbishop Salvatore Mateo 585-328-3210 require a response by phone or email . Judge Jon Costello at his private office 585-546-5960 . SS regional directors office 212-264-1462 , last week they told Bob they made a mistake and will attempt to revoke his entire court approved settlement , which would be a violation of the court order , in which case Bob will loose everything and be homeless . This case makes it very clear : the vatican , using its many organizations and dioceases , has a complete stranglehold on our courts and leglislators through the bar association and organizations within the catholic powerstructure , like catholic family center . They are using our public courts to steal settlements from poor disabled people and give it to the wealthiest institution in the world , the vatican . Follow this case and others at courtroomwatch.com . Ask questions , require responses and do your own investigation . Let us know what you uncover and contact us at courtroomwatch@gmail.com We thank you for your activism ! !


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